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How to get $1 for 90 cents or less.

Wall of Gift Cards in a Department Store
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We all make purchases in life. Whether it’s groceries, home supplies, entertainment, or leisure, we all shop. One of the best ways to save money is by purchasing gift cards at a discount. The global gift card market size was valued at $615 billion in 2019 (that’s right, billion with a B). That means that there is a lot of unused gift cards out there. Whether people didn’t get a chance to use them or no longer need them, many people with gift cards are not using them and would instead trade that in for cash.

There are 2 gift…

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These five side hustles put some serious cash in your pocket.

A Woman Holding $100 Bills Flexing
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Side hustles are a great way to make extra money. They’re easy to start, and most can transform into a full-time income if you’re willing to put in the work to make them into a business.

Todd Baldwin developed this list as a complement to his YouTube video. We’ll put the video below, and make sure to subscribe to his channel!

1. Flipping Products 👟

Flipping products occurs when you buy something then resell it at a profit. It can literally be any good that you’re able to sell at a premium. You can often find deals at garage sales or Goodwill and…

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Amazon gets a new CEO.

A Top View of an Amazon Echo
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In just 25 short years, Jeff Bezos turned the original Amazon book store into today’s massive global enterprise. Now, Amazon touches our lives multiple times every day, whether it’s reading a book on a Kindle, getting 2-hour shipping on practically anything, or driving next to an Amazon delivery vehicle.

Jeff Bezos has been the company’s chief executive since its inception in 1994, but on February 3, 2021, Bezos announced in an email that he will step down as Amazon’s CEO in quarter three of this year. His replacement is Andy Jassy, who has been the primary driver for Amazon’s cloud…

Millennial Investments — Monthly Rewind

Theme: We’re in for a wild decade.

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Wow. We thought this year was going to be different, but already 2021 is on fire. 🔥 Bitcoin is all over the place, and Reddit users are taking on Wall Street. It’s only been a month since launching Millennial Investments 💰, and we’re happy with the progress so far! We wanted to reflect on what we’re doing monthly, so here’s our monthly rewind! 🎬

Let’s kick things off with our top three most viewed articles!

1.) My $50K, 15-Month Master’s in Finance in 5 Minutes🎓

Garrett Ramela reflected on his journey to get a master's in finance from American University and boils down what you need to know in five…

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The guide to making your money make money.

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What is Compound Interest? ✏️

Compound interest is simply the interest added to the principal amount of money that is invested or borrowed. The principal amount and the initial interest earned yield more interest over time, resulting in a compound effect. It is making interest from interest, which will eventually lead to enormous growth in interest — and subsequently, wealth. Compound interest benefits the investor, who will continue to earn money as long as their investment is not tampered with.

How Does Compound Interest Work? ⚙️

Let’s assume you deposited $1,000 in your bank account. And your bank offers you an interest rate of 10%/year. So, at the end of the…

Millennial Investments Lifehacks

These 10 apps will supercharge your finances.

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It’s no secret that apps have already taken over our phones. It’s also probably not a secret that you’re probably trying to save and invest. Well, we have the perfect list for you! Here are our top 10 personal finance apps to have in 2021. These apps are bound to change the way you view saving and investing. Whether you just want to make a monthly budget or become a crypto trader, we have something for you. Let’s dive in! 🤿

#1 Yotta Savings 🏆

Millennial InvestmentsMarkets

A primer for investing in crypto

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You may have heard stories of people who have become millionaires through investing in cryptocurrency. There are positive testimonies of how some individuals made significant gains from digital currencies’ price explosions in recent times. Cryptocurrency is also becoming popular as an alternative global currency, with Bitcoin leading the pack.

You‘re probably wondering how you can invest in crypto to make a return on your investment? But hold on a second! Aren’t they’re people who have lost their cryptocurrency investment. So, you have to do proper research to avoid running into debt when you hurriedly invest all your money in cryptocurrency…

Millennial Investments Entrepreneurship

Getting your business exposure can come from the most unlikely places.

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Just when you think one social platform “did it all,” a new one comes out of nowhere — First MySpace, then Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram, then Snapchat, and now TikTok. Businesses don’t have the time to try to grow a following or community on every single one, so how should you decide where to focus?

My job is to convince you that your company should start and grow a Facebook group no matter what business you are in.

Easy to Get Started and Grow 🌱

Last year, my company, EveryBankBonus, decided to invest more time into growing our social channels to drive more web traffic and…

Millennial InvestmentsEducation & Entrepreneurship

Let your school help you launch your next startup during your MBA program.

MBA Student and Startup Founders Learning from their University Advisor
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During your MBA, you’ll more than likely be inspired by your peers to build some sort of startup. It’s inevitable. You’ll be approached by someone in class that you’ve become friendly with, you’ll realize a void in the market from a research paper you wrote, or you’ll see an opportunity to join a cool club with other like-minded individuals. That’s why you joined an MBA program, right? To further your career and start something new?

Regardless of how the opportunity comes to your doorstep, take it. Building a startup while still in your MBA program is great for so many…

Millennial InvestmentsReal Estate

Crazy times led to a timely purchase.

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Here’s me with my favorite mug.

After two and a half years, I decided to dive into another property. It was earlier than expected, but the market was in my favor. My first home is in a quiet suburban neighborhood, the perfect starter home for a growing family. I was initially renting half of it out and living in the other part. My tenant is fantastic, but the end of the lease was quickly approaching. I intended to remain in the same situation for a few more years until my tenant told me she was interested in taking over the entire home. I started to calculate…

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