What’s Next for Amazon? 📦

Amazon gets a new CEO.

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In just 25 short years, Jeff Bezos turned the original Amazon book store into today’s massive global enterprise. Now, Amazon touches our lives multiple times every day, whether it’s reading a book on a Kindle, getting 2-hour shipping on practically anything, or driving next to an Amazon delivery vehicle.

Jeff Bezos has been the company’s chief executive since its inception in 1994, but on February 3, 2021, Bezos announced in an email that he will step down as Amazon’s CEO in quarter three of this year. His replacement is Andy Jassy, who has been the primary driver for Amazon’s cloud service, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since starting AWS in 2006, Jassy has turned the cloud company into a $40+ billion a year business.

This is an exciting time for Amazon as the company has seen significant growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as more of the world transitions their purchases online. Bezos gives his full confidence that Jassy will do a fantastic job as he transitions to the executive chair role. Bezos also mentions his desire to pursue his other passions at The Washington Post, Blue Origin, the Bezos Earth Fund, and the Day 1 Fund in the email. We’re excited to see what this transition brings for Amazon and the other initiatives that Bezos has started over the years.

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We help teach and empower millennials to build wealth for themselves Check out our content!

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